It’s hard to make the time to see a guitar teacher in person. But while there are plenty of online resources that make lessons more accessible, they bring their own challenges. Choosing the right content, pausing and rewinding YouTube clips, scrolling through unreliable guitar tabs as you learn to play, the process is clumsy, slow and frustrating.


 Guitarwaze’s learning sessions combine professional guitar tuition with our latest hi-tech motion capture software. Fully integrated voice control means that you can simply tell the lessons to slow down, speed up, or the play the 'next' note. This revolutionary collaboration between human and machine is designed to help you practise guitar at your own pace.



We've combined our expert Guitar teacher with cutting edge motion-capture and 3D animation software, creating interactive online Guitar lessons.


Lessons are built to respond to your needs, just like a real teacher. Just say that you want to go back, pause, speed up or slow down. It's hands-free simplicity.


Watch your pawn move further along the games board as your Guitar skills develop over 4 progressive levels.


A monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to Guitarwaze. You choose when to practise, and how long for.


Has your child recently become interested in learning the guitar?

Save money and skip the inconvenience of trying to find and travel to a suitable teacher with on-demand guided lessons that teach your child the basic fundamentals of acoustic guitar. With a report card system to track their progress as they take themselves from absolute beginner to proficiency, you can safely invest in their passion for music and be certain that it’s developing real musical skills.



Enhance private lessons with 3D practise sessions.

Guitarwaze uses the ‘Dickie Method’ of tuition, and has 73 lessons spread over 4 progressive levels designed to help beginners master the fundamentals of guitar playing. These sessions can be used to assist practise in between your private lessons. Set homework, targets and monitor individual progress with gamified progress trackers, and the tricky chord progression you set will likely be practised keenly over the week!


Augment Music lessons with Guitarwaze Guitarwaze is an affordable tuition tool that makes learning the fundamentals of acoustic guitar fun and engaging. With foundation practise sessions aligned to curriculum guidelines, teachers can offer consistent guitar tuition.

  • Ideal for classroom-based learning

  • Enrich music sessions with 

  • Augment your lessons with clear homework parameters and set targets

  • Track progress with milestones and easily view individual achievements

  • Use gamified learning environments to engage students 


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