Give someone the gift of learning how to play the guitar

If you're looking for a very original gift to someone special, this might just be the perfect thing. 

You have the chance to gift someone the experience
privilege and joy of playing an instrument and learning to master it from the comfort of ones home. 

Ideal during lockdown, or for anyone with a busy schedule, struggling to commit to specific schedules, Guitarwaze offers a brand new learning platform with 3D animated carefully structured lessons that will teach anyone who has every wanted to play the guitar, exactly how it's done. 

Shortly after purchasing a GIFT CARD, you'll receive a custom designed PDF containing a unique activation code. You may print it or send the gift card in a digital format. 
You also have the option to add a personal message for further customization. 

The validity period of the plan will only start running, from the date that the received of this gift card, activates the subscription with their unique activation code. Therefore, they'll be completely in control of when they wish to start using the gifted subscription. 
You may preview a draft of our gift card design 


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