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The Age of the Corona Pandemic - How to stay Sane in Quarantine

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It is not often we can speak of something that affects every single person on this planet. Issues are relevant to certain people, certain nations or other groups of people. In fact, never in the history of mankind has anything ever affected the whole global population and with such unprecedented mass awareness. The crisis of the global Covid-19 pandemic has infiltrated every country, city, town and individual home. It is likely that there are places where the matter is not as pressing as in others, because their daily reality is faced with starvation and disease as it is. But it is safe to say that the world is watching, the world has entered a stage of global awareness of interconnectedness, never seen before.

It is exciting, because of the promises of a new and better world and it is scary, as we face the unknown! It raises all sorts of fears and anxieties and we are forced to change our routines and question our ways of life.

How do we cope being confined to our homes? How do we stay sane? What else can we do besides being sucked into our screens? What can we do to stay fit, healthy and not feed into the fear that is being instilled in us through the media?

Well, there are answers to these questions. From reading, crafting, baking and dancing through your house, there is one answer that we at Guitarwaze have for you: Music, music and more music!

Pick up your instrument and play. Put on your favourite tunes and dance. Have your family pick their favourite songs, learn the chords and sing your heart out.

Music is fun and beautiful, music does things to your brain and enhances your creativity and it is known to be therapeutic.

Many of us feel afraid and anxious these days, albeit at different levels, but moments of these sensations are arising in most of us.

That music can treat anxiety is widely known. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that "music calms nerves before surgery, as well as sedatives".

Further research suggests that continuous listening and playing music, stimulates the brain to the effect that it slows down the ageing process and your brain-functions stay fit for longer.

"If you want to firm your body, go to the gym. If you want to exercise your brain, listen to music" what experts at John Hopkins University recommend.

So, besides the joy it brings into our homes, music can literally save us during these weeks in quarantine.

Stay sane, keep calm, play music!

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