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Guitarwaze and Motion Capture Technology

Us humans are geniuses! Of course we have our shortcomings and could argue otherwise but that's a conversation for another time. Today we will celebrate our incredible capabilities.

Motion capture Technology for Guitarwaze

Guitarwaze has been created by the genius developers behind AiQ Synertial, a market leader for inertial motion capture for over 25 years. The products already benefit various industries, from cinema to sports science and diving into the world of musical art, is not only an amazing accomplishment, but a much needed field that humanity simply needs more of.

The visuals created through motion capture give you unprecedented detail and a learning experience that is close to live guitar tuition. The option to change angles, zoom in, slow down and speed up, will eliminate the pain of busting your brains to figure out what to practice.

Check out a great visual demonstrating exactly what it is you will see:

How does it work?

Motion capture technology, also known as performance capture or mo-cap, is a sort of blend between real life movement and animation. You basically record live movements and transfer them into computerised form. In order to do this, you place sensors onto the person, which track the movements and map them out on a screen.

This basically works through IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)-based motion capture. Inertia is the resistance of a physical object to a change in velocity. The sensors that are placed on a moving person will pick up on the various degrees of such 'resistance' and translate it into algorithms, measuring linear and angular motion.

Mo-cap products include body suits and gloves, which have the sensors required to pick up on movement. But since every human skeleton is slightly different, the most accurate way of measuring the movement of the individual is to insure the perfect fit of a suit or glove.

Measuring individual skeletons by using a subfield of classical mechanics, called Kinematics, is how this is done. The field is often referred to as the 'geometry of motion'. AiQ Synertial are the very first to develop fully automated systems for extraction of skeleton measurements and the development of Guitarwaze has greatly benefited from their cutting edge technology with the use of one of their products, a version of the Cobra Glove.

Guitarwaze's one and only pro of a teacher, slipped on the glove and captured his entire curriculum of lessons for the platform.

Science, Music and the New World

A movement to a new way of existing and functioning in our world is happening, due to the circumstances we are finding ourselves in today. People are newly discovering how they can continue to create, earn a living, stay fit and acquire new skills, while being forced to stay at home.

Humans are geniuses we said. Yes, we have made scientific breakthroughs. People have created things, including conference calling and other tech solutions, allowing for global connections, access to information and remote learning possibilities way before the global pandemic of 2020.

But what has changed is that we are forced into a situation to overcome our hesitations and actually make use of our genius. Being creatures of habit and fearing change, holds us back from fully benefiting from the amazing things that our minds can produce.

Combining science, technology and the arts seems like the best thing that humans could possibly create for a well balanced existence in the 21st century.

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