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The Guitarwaze Story

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

From Dreams of becoming a Guitar Hero to Online Learning Platform

So much of our world has moved online as we are increasingly able to conduct our lives from the comfort of our own homes. This allows us to be geographically flexible, save money and have access to resources we didn’t have before. Online shopping is taking over high street shopping and many brands are exclusively online. Home schooling resources are widely available and of high quality, allowing families to be more flexible with designing their lives and educational needs of their children. There are online platforms for dance and yoga classes, allowing regular exercise for those with a tight budget and busy schedules.

Learning an instrument, which has previously been reserved for middle to upper class individuals, became a possibility for the masses and there are many tutorials for all sorts of instruments available online. You will primarily find individuals sharing their expertise and giving everybody the opportunity to learn some basic skills and to play along to their favourite songs. Having used many of these resources ourselves, we know what’s out there. We know the shortcomings these methods of learning have, when what you seek is structured lessons that will help you progress and be able to understand and master the instrument in a way that randomly selected videos on YouTube, can never give you.


Our founder, Ali had been trying to fulfill his passions of becoming his own version of a guitar hero in various ways throughout his life. Online resources as well as taking private lessons with skilled teachers. His professional life and expertise in motion capture technology made him spend much of his time travelling the globe, re-inventing the field and not having any time to commit to regular lessons. He felt he needed a live teacher to learn it properly, to pick up technical nuances and positioning of the hands, aspects of live lessons, he simply could not get from existing online tutorials. Understanding and inventing motion capture technology, he then had the brilliant idea to combine those two, capture his teacher playing the guitar and transfer it to the computer screen, so that he can access the lesson wherever he goes. That is how the idea for Guitarwaze was born. Ali and his teacher Hussein, began the work for it, strapping Hussein’s guitar-playing hands to the machines, translating the motion into a 3D computerised version of himself - the live guitar teacher.

Fast forward a few years and the platform has grown into a spectacular space, in which you can immerse yourself in guitar learning online, in a way never seen before. Cutting edge technology has given birth to the opportunity to transfer live lessons on to an on-demand database, with structured lessons, gradual progression, voice control so that you never have to put the instrument down while you are practicing, slowing down, speeding up and much more.

The ever-growing song library also still provides the option to pick and choose which songs you want to learn, for those who either don’t have the desire for structured lessons, or those who want to add to their daily practice.


The story is far from over. This is only the beginning of an exciting journey. The technology is continuously developing, opening up ever more possibilities for our online classrooms and the growing community helps us with new ideas, projects and an all-around flow of creativity with endless possibilities.

Music makes people come together! So much has always been clear and coming together is what this world needs more of. Join us!

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1 Comment

Ali kord
Ali kord
Feb 20, 2020

AI is with us everywhere. Usually solving some type of a problem for authorities connected to the state or corporate interest, both of which leave a bad taste behind however necessary their objectives might be.

So it follows that if AI could also be used more for the fun stuff, like sports and music, we will definitely not regret it and will see AI grow and be appreciated.

AI can do music tutoring or sports coaching better than anyone and it's time there were other uses for the technology. Time to pry AI out of the big boys' exclusive exploitation and let us use it for some fun stuff.

And of course, there is so much to teach an AI…

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